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Three Tips to Help You Cope with South Florida Allergies

South Florida is beautiful in the spring. Yet, spring also brings tree, grass, and flower pollen. We also have considerable mold as the humidity rises. So, how can you handle allergy symptoms naturally? Consider adding local honey to your diet to help train your body...

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How Chiropractors Think About Germs and Illness

According to chiropractic theory, germs are not the only cause of illness. While viruses and bacteria create havoc in so many of our bodies, the conditions that allow this to happen may be at least as important. Consider the fact that germs and viruses are everywhere,...

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Un “nuevo” descubrimiento que unifica el cuerpo

¿Has leído sobre el "nuevo" órgano llamado intersticio? Puede que no sea justo llamarlo nuevo. Durante décadas, los profesores de anatomía han enseñado a sus estudiantes que en el cuerpo existe un tejido intersticial lleno de líquido. Lo nuevo de esto es, la extensión...

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A “New” Discovery That Unifies the Body

Have you read about the “new” organ called the interstitium? It might not be fair to call it new. Anatomy teachers have taught students for decades that interstitial tissue filled with fluid exists in the body. What is new is the visualization of the extent of this...

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El ejercicio es medicina real

Todos los años, en esta época, escuchamos el mismo mensaje: Retome algún tipo de rutina de ejercicios. Vemos como aumentan las ventas en las membresías de los gimnasios, en la ropa para ejercicio y su equipamiento. Este es el momento de tomarlo en serio, dicen los...

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Exercise is Real Medicine

Every year at this time we hear the same message: Get back to some sort of fitness routine. We see sales on gym memberships, exercise clothes, and equipment. It’s time to take it seriously, the marketers say. We’re told to make a resolution for the new year. While all...

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Latest Scientific Evidence Regarding Massage Therapy

Latest Scientific Evidence Regarding Massage Therapy In antiquity, the “laying on of hands” was used to bestow blessings and for healing. It is likely one of the oldest ways we have helped each other. Today, massage therapists expand upon this ancient art with...

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Free, Fun, Effective Boost for Your Health in South Florida

How to Get Healthy at South Florida Beaches South Florida is known for its beaches. This area, the Palm Beaches, has spectacular spots for sun and surf. If you’ve lived here for a while, though, you might be taking the ocean for granted. Yet, summer is a great time to...

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Terapia de Ventosas y el Dolor de Espalda Baja

Terapia de Ventosas Ahora también le ofrecemos terapia de ventosas, además de los ajustes, movilización de tejidos blandos asistida por instrumentos, modalidades térmicas, acupuntura y masaje. La tarif a por este servicio es de $10 o más, dependiendo del tiempo que se...

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Cupping Therapy & Chiropractic Lower Back Pain Therapy

Cupping Therapy We now offer cupping therapy in addition to adjustments, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, thermal modalities, acupuncture, and massage. The fee for this service is $10 and up depending on how much time is needed for the treatment. While...

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Understanding the Pain Scale

The Pain Scale: What Does It Really Mean?   By now, you’ve likely heard of the pain scale. We may have asked you to report your pain using numbers. Yet, it’s important to understand just how this medical tool is used most efficiently. First, patients are asked to rate...

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La Escala del Dolor

La Escala del Dolor: ¿Qué Significa Realmente? Probablemente ha oído hablar de la escala del dolor. Tal vez le hayamos pedido que describa su dolor usando números. Sin embargo, es importante entender cómo esta herramienta médica es utilizada de manera más eficiente....

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