South Florida is beautiful in the spring. Yet, spring also brings tree, grass, and flower pollen. We also have considerable mold as the humidity rises. So, how can you handle allergy symptoms naturally?

  1. Consider adding local honey to your diet to help train your body to realize pollen isn’t harmful. (We have a source, ask us!)
  2. Control your indoor humidity.
  3. Schedule chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage appointments.

photo of Dr Mallen treats children with chiropractic care

Children and Chiropractic Care

Young patients benefit from adjustments just as much as older patients do. Climbing slides, landing on the grass, running, and tumbling all take a toll a child’s muscles and spine. Remember that the primary purpose of chiropractic is to maximize well-being by adjusting the spine and the musculoskeletal system so the body can gently heal itself. Doctors adapt their techniques for adjusting children gently. The vast majority of children love visiting the chiropractor and jump up on the table. Doctor Mallen has a great deal of experience in treating children of all ages. Above, his two-year old grand-daughter, Theresa, enjoys some soft tissue work on her neck and shoulders.  

Doctor Cure Thyself

photo of Ed Mallen, Chiropractor, West Palm Beach, FLWhen I first started practicing as a chiropractor, I particularly enjoyed the positive responses of my young patients. It was, and is, incredibly rewarding helping a child feel better. They tend to feel gratitude and not complicate matters with worrying about their symptoms returning. If they feel better, they’re good! 

Recently, a young woman who had just turned seventeen arrived in the office for her free birthday adjustment. She drove herself to the office, and I congratulated her on that rite of passage. We chatted about how long she had been coming for adjustments, and I looked at her records. She was five when her mother brought her for her first appointment! I got such a kick out of that. I’ve seen so many children grow up at this point.

Children often respond well to chiropractic. I have witnessed many illnesses and aches and pains resolve on their own once the body has been gently guided into proper alignment. For those who might wonder if chiropractic is safe for little ones, it absolutely is. I even adjust newborns. The technique is quite different, but the response is the same. Far more often, babies feel better.

During this spring and as we consider Mother’s Day, let’s remember to honor new life. Spend time with your mom, treat her to something nice, tell her how much she means to you. Don’t forget to thank your daughters for giving you grandchildren, if you are lucky enough to have them. The whole world benefits from mothers’ love, and we’d do well to support mothers every day, not just on Mother’s Day. 

Of course, we do all this to show our gratitude, but there’s a health benefit for us too. Sharing love and compassion is good for our own well-being too. You will release all sorts of feel-good chemicals in your brain. So spread the love!

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